We are two passionate skiers with whole life enthusiasm for developing perfect skis. We were dissatisfied with skis accessible on a market so we decided to realize our lifelong dream about the manufacturing of absolute perfect skis with a perfect fit to everyone who rides them and make smiles on their faces from every single turn. Benefits of our small series manufacture are availability of customization from small design adjustments to fully customized skis just for you.

Skiing on good skis is automatically easy and captivating. You don’t have to used to on the skis. Great skis are stable at high speed and in dips. Overall those things are still lightly dirigible in small space in all kinds of snow from powder, unpleasant crust to groomers. It sounds a bit unbelievable but exactly those are BEAR Skis!

During years of testing new and new prototypes with different constructions and shapes of skis. We gained enough experience to produce our own skis which are amazing everywhere in every possible condition. All skis, we produce, have full rocker shape which ensures excellent manoeuvrability, perfect edge hold on firm snow, stability in high speed with an ideal leading of arch and general versatility.

Unique construction and shape of skis allow us to make skis wider then casual skis. Due to Bear Skis have an advantage of better float in every condition. Extraordinary compositions of carbon and Kevlar fibre maximum torsional rigidity and ideal flex. On hard pack, you have a feeling of skiing much narrower skis. In addition, shapes and sizes of our skis are progressive. It means with bigger sizes is ski proportionately fatter.

The whole combination of meticulously choose wood for wood-core without any fault with an optimal course of wood years, surface veneer and composition of materials gives lightness, dynamic and great absorb of vibration to our skis. During constructing of Bear Skis, we rely only on functional materials, therefore, you find a minimum of used plastics. Thanks to the decision our skis are significantly lighter what improve manoeuvrability and make ski touring easier.