Advantages of well-shaped full rocker construction:

Used materials :


The best from German producer OKULEN. Racing base graffiti-sintered base which is fast and stiff.

EDGES 2.2 x 2.5 mm:

Certainty and quality from Austrian producer C.D.WÄlzholz, a stiffness of edged reach around 50 HRC.

Vibration Dampening System:

Subtle 0.2mm gum which placed on edges to reduce vibrations from edges and eliminate thermal expansion of edges to rest parts of a ski.


Epoxide glue from company 5M which produce gules for the aircraft industry. A great advantage is possibility full hardening in lower temperatures.


Bracing of our skis is make precociously from more interspersed layers unidirectional and triaxle carbon with respect to the best proportion of weight, power and endurance. For better durability under bindings, we use Kevlar strengthening. For better endurance, stifling and tenacity are used FLAX (wool fibres).


The core is made from carefully chosen wood. With the purpose of the ski, we use Spruce with parameters of resonance lumber sawn (light but firm), Poplar (light and very flexible), Ash (firm, flexible and tough). In case of customization, you can customize composition of the core.


On sidewalls, we use bangkirai/black locust hard wood which are firm, flexible and tough. Against plastic sidewall benefits from lower weight and high torsional rigidity.


We stick to the same rule in case of topsheet on the top of the ski. Wooden topsheet provides the same benefits as wooden sidewalls. Makes ski lighter and provides high torsional and lengthwise rigidity.